Official website of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

    Learning Management System for students and lecturers.
  • Online Application for Lecturer

    If you are interested to join BINUS UNIVERSITY as a lecturer in specific subject matters, you can choose to submit your documents either by Online Application.
  • Quality Management Center

    Since BINUS UNIVERSITY obtained its ISO 9001 certification in 1997, Quality Management Center was established to monitor the quality assurance of the university.
  • Library & Knowledge Center

    Library and Knowledge Center (LKC) functions as an educational, information, research, documentation, and publication center to support current and future learning, research, and civil service facilities.
  • Student Advisory Center

    The Student Advisory Center is a unit designed for all BINUS UNIVERSITY students by providing support and services for students’ academic and personal development, and consists of four sub-units: Academic Counseling, General Counseling, Personal Development Skills, and Mentoring.
  • Student Laboratory Center

    Software Laboratory Center is a unit at BINUS UNIVERSITY that specifically provides software-based practical work to students.
  • BINUS Alumni Center

    BINUS Alumni Community is one big family. BINUS Alumni Center was established to gather them by developing many things positively, and create many opportunities together.
  • BINUS Entrepreneurship Center

    BINUS Entrepreneurship Center was designed to shape the smart and good entrepreneurs.

    BINUS CAREER was established to accomplish BINUS UNIVERSITY Quality Targets - to achieve 90 percent of graduates being employed within a year after their graduation.
  • BINUS UNIVERSITY Parent Portal

    BINUS UNIVERSITY Parent Portal was established to provide parents with study information regarding their chlidren